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Ghostwriters-Download “Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear” (1981)

There is very little information on the web about the album Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear or the two-man band who created it, called the Ghostwriters. The album came out in 1981 and the band consisted of Charles Cohen and Jeff Cain. Those two tidbits are about all the internet has to offer on the elusive Ghostwriters.

Perhaps its obscurity adds to the sensation of opening a treasure chest (or perhaps a better analogy would involve a time capsule) when listening to the Objects in Mirror LP. The music is playful and genre-bending, incorporating elements of Moog, Calypso, Jazz and Dub, demonstrating the ease with which the synthesizer can unleash an arsenal of varied sound. The album seems to carry in it the excitement of mastering what was, at the time, the latest and most versatile tool in music. The final track, “Tarpit,” is arguably the best, opening with sounds that mimic cicadas, wind gusts and thick, bursting bubbles. This very visual soundscape (one may even imagine a tarpit without knowing the title of the song) eventually opens up into a dub beat that would well accompany the image of a Wooly Mammoth swinging its trunk as it lumbers along in a prehistoric landscape.

Charles Cohen still is still known for his mastery of the nearly extinct Buchla Music Easel (only 25 were manufactured in the 1970s and they are gradually disappearing). He also keeps a blog, where you can download the Objects in Mirror LP for free.

MP3: Ghostwriters: “Swizzle” (1981)

Article by: Weston Clay

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