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MUSIC: Police Academy 6

PoliceAcademy6 MUSIC: Police Academy 6

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and I’m sure all you would-be Casanovas and Casanovettes are looking for some tips to step up your game as you hit the bars and discotheques in search of love. So here’s the best I’ve got:

As you crawl through landmines, taste-testing to see if that future-one-night-stand is just as much of a media snob as you are, be wary: You’re both into Nabokov, neither of you bothered to see Avatar, she even knows who Kevin Shields is. Things couldn’t be going better! But when she professes her love for Police Academy 6? you’re ready to toss your drink in her face. Be smart man! In all likelihood she’s not talking about that god-awful abortion of a movie from  a franchise that just wouldn’t die. No! She’s probably talking about awesome chill-wave group Police Academy 6.

Stick it out, have some more drinks and bond over your love of chill-wave. If you’re lucky, the two of you will end up back at her place making out on the couch to the sounds of Police Academy 6. You can’t deny it’s awesome music to make out to–– they take they’re time establishing a mood, a glow of warm nostalgia that’s atmospheric with vulnerable vocals. As you round third base, you’ll be wanting to hear more. Guaranteed.

You’ll wake up in the morning, slip out of her bed and hail a cab. But this is no walk of shame, friend, because if nothing else, you discovered an awesome new band. Cheers on a successful Valentine’s Day.

Article by Justin Lorentz

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