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Soft Kill’s “An Open Door” Video

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Music videos use to be one of the first ways (besides the radio) that people got introduced to material from new artists. In the reign of blogs though streaming Mp3’s have taken over as the vehicle for discovering new music (don’t get me wrong, I love a good Soundcloud clip) but there is something about the art of the music video that just resonates with a person. Soft Kill (comprised of Toby Grave and wife Shiloe Alia) seems to understand the allure of mixing visual with sound in the video for their demo An Open Door. The mysteriously haunting synth based track transfers harmoniously into a collection of darkly vague images ranging from a catholic prayer lights to shadows walking down pathways (defiantly has an David Lynch feel to it). The vintage, non descript feel of the video fits with the song’s 1980’s gothic feel and the ambiguous nature allows the viewer to place their own spin on what they think the video and/or song might mean. Be on a look out for Soft Kill’s full-length debut in March off of Fast Weapons.

By: Stephanie Glass

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