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Label Spotlight: Crystal Magic

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One of the great things the last few years has offered on the indie music scene is an outpouring of small record labels to match alongside all the innovative musicians pouring forth from MySpace and bandcamp. A prime example of this DIY method is the almost six-year old New Zealand labels Crystal Magic, which is comprised of a group of artists putting their material out via a bedroom, their blog, and communal passion. The label currently hosts a smattering of eight different groups, all whom fall under the electro-pop category in varying degrees. The upbeat and happy-go-lucky sounds of artists like Tweenie Pop Giggle Choir and Futuresports induce images of sun and days at the beach, while artists like Golden Axe recall the fun soundtracks of videogames from our childhood.

Crystal Magic fills the niche of fun and nostalgic electro-pop tunes that have been on the rise the last few years (yet New Zealand does always seem to be on the cusp of everything hip) and the seem to maintain a strong presence in both their growing catalog and the amount of shows the put on. To learn more and/or material from Crystal Magic please visit their bandcamp.

Crystal Magic: Summer Bummer Mix 2011 Download

By: Stephanie Glass

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