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Zak Mering (Raw Thrills) “So Post” 13 new tracks-download

raw thrills so post Zak Mering (Raw Thrills) So Post 13 new tracks download

Zak Mering AKA Raw Thrills influences are no secret as he lets it loose all over the internet. His style seems to coat his pensive impulsiveness that seems to fuel his creative mojo, spin his brain and  stop his face from moving. Look this up…Lucid pop from Mering, who seems very prolific, take some time  with his tunes, they are worth getting into.  This faucet-man is playing it hot, cold and everywhere between.  Wash yourself in his latest dirty-repeat rewind clean machination with Rueben Perelmen. Reuben also wrote an article about 2010 lollapalooza that I thought was funny, read it here, where he talks shit about Lady Gaga and a self-diagnosed agoraphobic easing his mind at Coachella, which I mostly enjoyed reading.

Download 13 tracks recently uploaded to soundcloud by Zak himself HERE

Get Raw Thrills album Shakedown 12″ HERE

Vital Caress- Collab. with Zak and Rueben Perelmen- video for Cincinnatus Dream below:

Article by Andrew Wheeler

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