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ART Qiu Yang 36 07untitled1 PHOTOGRAPHY: Qiu Yang

Fashion branding campaigns, advertorial work, and delicious fine art photography – man, Qiu Yang has done it all (photographically speaking)! His clean, crisp and bright imagery translates so neatly into many different media outlets, from magazine layouts to light boxes. Yang gives us true to life pictures that obscure the body and other objects but zooming in on certain details, like a half eaten apple or a torn page.

Born in Beijing and based in Amsterdam, Yang has an impressive body of work which is akin to my favorite Australian photographer Darren Sylvester. Yang carefully constructs his photographs which gives them the gloss and finish of advertising images. His subjects are anonymous yet fragile, and his direct reference of the photographic process can be seen in the series Flood (2008). Studio lights are taken from behind the camera and used as subjects, the title very apt at describing both the name and function of lighting. Serious, yet playful, Yang doesn’t leave any aspect of his work to chance, proving that technical know-how and purpose do pay off.

Text by Marion Piper.

ART Qiu Yang 38 15flood1 PHOTOGRAPHY: Qiu Yang

ART Qiu Yang 36 07untitled3 PHOTOGRAPHY: Qiu Yang

ART Qiu Yang 25 25kiss2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Qiu Yang

ART Qiu Yang 23 kkben old fashioned1 PHOTOGRAPHY: Qiu Yang

ART Qiu Yang 36 07untitled5 v2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Qiu Yang

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