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Naomi Punk- CLS Download

naomi punk Naomi Punk  CLS Download

Naomi Punk-Ba na na na na! Blamo!  This band clenches the thirst of the vertigo-inclined and will surely make them drop to the ground with pungent punches to your defenseless eardrums.  Punchline: Go have a fucking good time with this band. Joke: 35 Seconds into I’m Already Dead, the sweet, “oh it’s kind of bluesy riff” demolishes into some Babes in Toyland like monster riff with a gentle repetitive vocal cooing.  Then I listened to the next song, and to me, there is definitely a Babes in toyland like experience going on here, again with gentle, sorting, cooing vocals that sound like a sedated Kat Bjelland.
Download Naomi Punk’s album CLS HERE
Article by Andrew Wheeler
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