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PHOTOGRAPHY: Morgan Ashcom

morgan ashcom 2221 PHOTOGRAPHY: Morgan Ashcom

Morgan Ashcom is a New York-based photojournalist. His new Website only contains only three photo sets but they collectively show that this young artist is worth keeping an eye out for. His sets show three situations familiar to most everyone; the beautiful, graceful decline of America, the self-destructive youth-eternal of America, and the third-world subaltern rendered in serendipitously muted light-leaks.
morgan ashcom 7 PHOTOGRAPHY: Morgan Ashcom

morgan ashcom 22 PHOTOGRAPHY: Morgan Ashcom

From the Morgan Ashcom collection 'The Last Time She Rode'

His photosets capture bittersweet moments. A road trip with Ashcom’s grandfather in his massive American luxury sedan shot for AARP drips with Springsteenian nostalgia. His portraits of rural skate punks in a plywood chateau show the sublime of growing middle-aged amongst beer-soaked paperboard and spent roman candle tubes. His pictures of, what I assume is, the Palestinian city of Nablus proudly display light leaks and give the ancient city an almost surreal vibe in its modern news-worthiness.
Nablus, Morgan Aashcom
He’s not doing anything new, but he is doing it well. His images are crisp and rich. Check out his Website, hopefully we’ll see more soon.

Article by Jake Watters

Photo by Morgan Ashcom

morgan ashcom 234 PHOTOGRAPHY: Morgan Ashcom

Photo by Morgan Ashcom

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