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ART: Yago Hortal

yago hortal art canvas5 ART: Yago Hortal

With new technological innovations that can manipulate art to make it look realistic, it is truly fascinating to see a piece created by a human that looks like it could have been made by a machine. Yago Hortal, a Spanish artist working in Berlin, showcases acrylic based works, on either paper or canvas, illustrating wonderful mixtures of colour seemingly created on a computer. It looks something like what Apple would market for graphic designer types. Instead, this work, done by a real person with real connection to the piece, is enthralling, allowing the viewer to fall into the stream of colours, as if to be
carried away by them.

yago hortal art canvas1 ART: Yago Hortal

yago hortal art canvas11 ART: Yago Hortal

yago hortal art canvas3 ART: Yago Hortal

By: Sarah MacDonald

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