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ART: Alex Fischer

Figure Head by Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer is a Canadian visual artist. His collages, at first glance, appear to take on familiar forms; a portrait, a woman in front of a house. It seems as though upon closer examination the alien landscape will yield something familiar, comforting. It does not.

Artist's Retreat by Alex Fischer

alex fischer 2010 good grief1 ART: Alex Fischer

While certain recognizable forms can be gleaned from these exceptionally rich images (they after all made from different source images); an eyebrow here, a palm tree caught in a storm there. Overall, these recognizable pieces combine to form a sort of visual gobbledygook. Reading these resulting images its completely engrossing.

alex fischer 2010 teen dream ART: Alex Fischer
Bring Home the Bacon by Alex Fischer

While Fischer claims links to the conceptual lineage of the future, his images come across as more strongly as fantasy (as all dreams of the future do). However, a certain bleakness in the compositions and the visual disparity between my own visualizations about the future and Fischer’s bring to mind what must have been a disenchanting landings for millions of immigrants who landed in the industrial new world. Like fleeing the shtetl to find greener pastures in Manhattan, Fischer’s images are otherworldly both terrifying and exciting to explore and get lost in.

Cook's Cape by Alex Fischer
The Invisible Man Returns by Alex Fischer

Article by Jake Watters

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