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Duzheknew’s-It Came Out The Other Side, Ok

It Came Out The Other Side, Ok: Duzheknew

It’s been awhile since I’ve thought of our counterparts to the North (Canada, not Alaska) but tension, post-punk laced Duzheknew reminded me that Canada has more to offer than poutine and Ellen Page. The group hails from Nova Scotia and mix taut and quick guitar strumming with beautiful crashing drums on their standout track It Came Out The Other Side, Ok. The instrumentals create a building pressure throughout the 3 ½ minute track that calls for jerky body movements a la Ian Curtis as the steady rhythm keeps your foot constantly tapping. The vocals mix the perfect combo of talking with little inclinations of singing. Now gonna go dance in a pub in Manchester (or at least in my head).

By: Stephanie Glass

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