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REVIEW: Aunt Martha – Bloodshot EP

auntmarthabloodshotep1 REVIEW: Aunt Martha   Bloodshot EP

Aunt Martha’s stunning EP, Bloodshot, is a five track follow-up to their 2009 self-released full-length, Candymaker.  Everything about this epic effort captures just how much the [now] trio has evolved since forming less than 2 years ago.

Bloodshot is undeniably bigger and better.  Producer Chuck Brody [other credits include Bear Hands, Ra Ra Riot, Galactic, Tegan and Sara] helped to elevate their overall sound while still maintaining the integrity of their individual strengths.  The result is a much more polished kick-drum thumping, violin plucking take on the attention-grabbing rawness we loved on Candymaker.

Tim Noyes [songwriter, frontman, guitarist] still manages to dominate with his lyrically-enhanced infectious vocals.  He sincerely delivers a powerful performance that continues to enthrall listeners. Brian Kim adds superlative textures to Bloodshot that either didn’t exist [violin] or weren’t quite as pronounced [bass] before while Garrett Leahy unleashes forceful beats that keep your foot tapping the whole time.  Each song on the EP is memorable in its own way, but there is a common thread that holds it altogether and makes it flow as one cohesive unit.

The title track, “Bloodshot”, opens with a solitary acoustic guitar that is reminiscent of the simplicity on Candymaker. However, as it blossoms it unexpectedly reveals a much richer and fuller sound that continues throughout the entire EP.  The violin delicately accompanies Noyes’ vocals during “The Lake”, and even more appropriately unveils a theatric melody that passionately carries the song from start to finish.  Dramatic drum and bass heavy elements on “Omaha” compliment  the end-of-the-world narrative that Noyes’ croons.  But somehow he tones down the potentially dark and mysterious vibe with his comforting voice.  The intense mood continues to lighten as they tenderly transition into the first half of “Wherever You Wanna Go”.  Post-bridge, gears shift to welcome back the band’s newly exposed intensity before the closer “2016″ acts as the calm after the storm.  It’s still layered with various textures, but they are presented in a more laid-back manner.

This amazing compilation will be digitally self-released through iTunes February 1st.  In the meantime, be sure to pre-order here!  Aunt Martha is also gearing up to play numerous dates throughout the country from now until their van breaks down – so check out their website to see when they are playing a show near you.

Below is the video for “Bloodshot” that was filmed at their cabin in Wilmot, New Hampshire:

As if their EP release isn’t enough – there are some other upcoming dates that are definitely worth jotting down:

February 6: The guys will be making a pit stop at The Horseshack in Rock Island, Illinois to record their Daytrotter session!

February 14: Their track “No Excuses” from Candymaker will be featured on the ABC Family hit show Pretty Little Liars. Channel your inner teenage girl and tune in!

March 18: Supporting Civil Twilight at Off Broadway Nightclub – St. Louis, Missouri

March 19: Supporting Civil Twilight at Schubas – Chicago, Illinois

March 23: Supporting Civil Twilight at The Westcott Theatre – Syracuse, New York

It’s obvious that things are only looking up for this trio…and I’m excited to see that their hard work is finally starting to pay off. Watch out cause these next few months are going to be career changing for Aunt Martha!


Meagan Scott

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