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“Boyfriend” EP Download

boyfriend ep sleep over1 “Boyfriend” EP Download

Boy Friend- D’Arrest

Austin’s Boy Friend is the new project of  Sleep ∞ Over members Christa Palazzolo + Sarah Brown

Boy Friend plays like an 80′s teen movie soundtrack. You know how there is the part in every one of them where they show a montage of the love that “boy and girl” had last summer before girl found out boy was a complete jerk. If sounds had colors, this music would be navy with splashes of sky blue. These songs make you want to lay in your bed alone on the coldest winter day, tucked under the covers (on the count of there being no heat on in your building) and cry forever! BOY FRIEND is the what you play when your man’s left you and you’ve got nothing but a bottle of wine and a longing to dwell in a sea of melancholia! In short it’s cool. I just can’t listen to it everyday.

Download Boy Friend’s 4-song EP here.

Article by KarynRose Bruyning

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