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ART: Renilde Depeuter’s Artsy Crafts

renilde depeuter art ART: Renilde Depeuters Artsy Crafts
In Brian O’Nolan’s At Swim Two Birds, a young and spotty college student hungoverly constructs a fantasy world of contemporary pulp characters and Celtic legends instead of attending to his studies. Though O’Nolan makes it difficult to view his protagonist in a romantic or even sympathetic light, I have always thought there must be something immensely pleasant in this peculiar domestic routine of never changing your clothes or leaving bed for the sake of creation and preference.Renilde Depeuter’s blog borrows the name of O’Nolan’s novel and establishes a similar unconventional domesticity, albeit less debauched than O’Nolan’s college boy.
Renilde Depeuter's Metropolis Project
Depeuter is an artist who has joined the vast ranks of alternative arts-and-crafters. Working with the familiar and somewhat tired projects from 70s crafts books, she brings a certain refinement to her work that elevates it above the classic framed “Home Sweet Home” embroidery work that hung in your grandparents’ living room.
renilde depeuter ART: Renilde Depeuters Artsy Crafts

A Mobile made by Renilde Depeuter
Working in needlepoint, cookie dough and mobile, she imparts a certain precise modern feel to these formerly matronly activities. But knowing that they were crafted by hand helps retain the same warmth that sleeping under mothballed sheets and eating SpaghettiOs does in the mind of those raised in a distinctly modern era.

Article by Jake Watters

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