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FASHION: Skull of Owl

two-finger-owl-skull ring

The owl has a sordid history within many cultures. It is at once a creature revered and damned, given powers of wisdom and prophecy while at the same time being likened to the raven for it’s tendencies to be able to speak with the dead, for to hear the call of an owl within a dark forest meant certain death.


Strange? Maybe. Surreal? Could be. Morbid? Just a tad. Slightly absurd? I wouldn’t say all that. Bloodmilk has opened our eyes with it’s scale size owl skull two finger ring. Made of sterling silver–also available in gunmetal–and carved out perfectly for balance, this outspoken ring the size of a quarter will speak for you before you even enter a room. Note: No owls were hurt in the making of this fantastic ring, so purchase it here.


By Genesis Nadal

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