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FASHION: Nixon Watch-Truly Timeless

nixonwatchblue FASHION: Nixon Watch Truly Timelessnixonwatchyellow FASHION: Nixon Watch Truly Timeless

When you glance at your watch what does it tell you? Usually it’s something like ‘time to go to class’ or ‘time to go do work’. But the mens Nixon Newton watch just looks up at you with orbiting planets that say ‘It’s whatever time you want it to be’. Sweet. Go back to skating with your friends and don’t give time the attention it’s pining for. The sleek and simple design collaborates with the idea of timelessness through an almost unreadable face. Rather than emphasizing the actual time, the watch plays on the idea of orbiting planets. Feeling a little spacey with this watch on is normal. And with ten different colors to choose from, you’ll be the most stylish clueless person around.  Use this watch responsibly. It’s o.k to not always know what time it is, but if the month or year becomes hazy see a Nixon specialist for the reversing effect watch ( the Newton digital). Check them all out here.

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