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ART: Jay Kim Anthropomorphizes

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There is a kind of Zen approach to the paintings and illustrations by artist Jay Kim. Each image looks as though it were created by the flow of the pen or paint brush and the lines connected by way of synergy and a force outside of the artist. Kim explains in his biography that he is deeply influenced by relationship between organic and mechanical forms. The organic aspect is very apparent in his works because each image takes on a natural approach or style inherent to the artist. By manipulating that with the mechanical elements he claims to utilize, Kim presents his audience with the very problems they are facing themselves. It’s all quite psychological at its core. By highlighting issues prevalent to people and showing that juxtaposition, Kim elevates his work to more than just physical art; it’s about your soul too. The objects in the pictures don’t look characteristically human but Kim gives them attributes so we can connect to them on a personal, if not entirely, raw level too.

By Sarah MacDonald

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