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Neon Judgement -A Belgian new wave band. The band was started in Leuven in 1981 by Dirk Da Davo and TB FranOn the 21st of August 1985, the band opened a new alternative music festival, named Pukkelpo. “TV treated” combines dark wave and noise-rock elements, and they blend very well with mechanical droning repetition, pretty much sounds like an early years soundtrack of an artificial life form coming into consciousness and expressing it’s criticism of things around it with industrial heartbeats.  They broke up in 1998, in 2004 they started playing live again to promote a series of remixes and rereleases of their material.  The touring continues into 2006, with the band promising on their homepage that, “Live, The Neon Judgement will continue to give art terrorism a good name, finding new ways of marrying noise and beauty, machines and magic.”

Dirk Da Davo is also active in the side project Neon Electronics, for which he started his own record label Dancedelic-D and he both reworks old classics and composes new material.
Article by Andrew Wheeler
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