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Twin Falcons

twinfalconsmusic Twin Falcons

I’m a sucker for anything 8-bit, so Twin Falcons hooked me quickly. Brandishing analog ATARI synths,  ambient guitar and rocking drums, the LA trio just released their first EP “Tabula Rosa.” And this band isn’t too proud to wear  its influences on its sleeve– These guys are easily from the The Rapture school of synth/dance rock.

Twin Falcons tow an interesting line; they’re extremely tight and frighteningly reckless all at once. Tortured vocals and grizzled guitars blend with a solid rhythm section and tightly-laced synths. So many dance-pop groups sound glossy and over-calculated, but Twin Falcons come off as authentic, raw– almost effortless.

There’s nothing transcendent about these songs, but they’re fun.
And with an electrifying mix of 8-bit synth, dancy bass lines and punchy-drums, they’ll make you want to go all Molly Ringwald out on the dance floor. Honestly, I can’t think of a higher compliment…

-Justin Lorentz

check out more of their music here

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