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Coppertone-Download “Best of the First Six Months”

coppertone 22 890x890 Coppertone Download Best of the First Six Months

Coppertone-Every Night Club


Coppertone’s Sasha Weisman’s noisy fuzzy vocals run from a groove and split into digital dimentia! “Hummingbird” is a wondrous ode to impersonating a theremin machine that is impersonating a hummingbird’s flying motion. Yes, a theremin impersonator with eyes.  “Every night” is a great drone-to warp your mind track built  from the groove up and  cracked open with fuzzy reverb vocals.  Every Tiger, features warm sedated lyrics, “daytime discos spinning in the hall” and exploratory “finding out for ourselves”
a kind of valium-induced psychic in a trance, giving you the most cathartic reading you could ever have.

Sasha has made her album “Best of the First Six Months” available for free download via mediafire HERE It includes 10 hypnotic synth infused experimental darkwave tracks and is highly recommended.

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