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Jules Muck

JESUS BIG Jules Muck

Green is an interesting color to focus on. It evokes notions of nature, purity, environmentalism, while also holding negative connotations suggesting jealousy, sickness and vice. Avant-garde artist Jules Muck, a world traveler by the looks of her biographical sketch, focuses in on the colour green for what she calls Green Paintings. It is an interesting collection to say the least because all of her paintings look like serious caricatures. That is a paradox but true nonetheless. Each one looks like hilarious parodies of the Incredible Hulk mixed with cutesy, if not slightly, erotic looking cartoons of girls. As much of a sketch as this appears to be, Muck’s work is also quite a forward thinking in its approach and execution. What do each of these paintings suggest? One looks to be an iteration of the Medusa myth, while others look at destructive behaviour or religious sanctity. In any case, each piece is stunning to observe and leaves quite an impression.

jules muck art 890x890 Jules Muck


By Sarah MacDonald

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