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Mp3: Pikachunes Get Dark On Self-Titled Debut


Nervous: Pikachunes

Damn New Zealand keeps killing it with a steady stream of varying act like lava pouring forth from a Volcano. Pikachunes from Auckland cover the electro dance aspect in the November release of their self-titled album. Pikachunes falls on the darker side of electro-pop with an edgy, 80’s excess feel to their sound, especially on tracks like New Fiend and Disco Baby. Talk vocals are laced with shimmering beats and a steady upbeat backing track. The feeling of longing and desperation is further felt on the XX laced Tonight, a song that delves into the sacrifices made for love/infatuation. The repeating of “tonight I can be anything you want me to be” behind a quick clap and organ laced synth creates the soundtrack to love lost lorn. The rest of album alternates between more down tempo dance to extremely high tempo and spin worthy tracks like the infectious Metronome. Pikachunes deems worthy for any late and sweaty dance infused nights.

By: Stephanie Glass

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