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Gatekeeper “Giza”

GatekeeperBanner Gatekeeper Giza

Nothing compares to the nostalgic magic of 808 drums, Gatekeeper is no stranger to sequences. Classic production techniques with a constant dance beat and hook driving you home. Etheral Progressions, across awesome pads and clean retro electronic tinges. Major memories of defeating various levels on Castlevania, these chords scream Ninteno Entertainment System. For fans of acts like Games, White Ring, and Dream Boat. These guys make smooth seemlees techno that tingles the heart strings.
gatekeeper gaza Gatekeeper Giza
Parts of their songs remind me of acid works by Aphex Twin, or Daft Punk like EDM. these dark anthems are designed solely for night cruising, the perfect 4 am playlist. If you like dark retro EDM from the heyday, this is up your alley. Borrowing samples from Synergys ‘Trellis’, Gatekeeper totally resurrect the relic of analog mysticism into a vibrant piece. check out their video below for the synthy pleasures. YouTube Preview Image

by alex auclair

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