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Art Museums’ 7-inch “Shopping”

art mueusms

Art Museums-Darling Are You Out of Your League Again

.San Francisco/Santa Cruz based Art Museums’ band camp page employs the tag “desert disco” to describe their sound. Although their music is more refreshing like a day in the shade as oppose to the hot sun their fun, 80’s laced bouncy sound certainty is dance worthy. The group’s 7-inch Shopping was released this New Year’s and packs two great jams, but Feel Like Dreams pulls ahead as the one to put on constant repeat.

The song starts with a Morrissey-like tenor backed by a cymbal heavy drumbeat and what sounds like a reworking of the flute. The melodic pace and sound of the vocals creates a lulling effect, causing one to gently sway their hand back and forth to the dreamy beat. The reiterating of the lyrics “feels like dreams” takes one away from the fluorescent harshness of real life and in to the calming seas of their consciousness. Defiantly a must for days out in the sun.

By: Stephanie Glass

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