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ART: Dean Monogenis’ Fantastical Landscaping

Image by Dean Monogenis
Dean Monogenis is a Brooklyn, NY-based visual artist. His images remind me of the concept art by the architecture firm Superstudio. Similar to those collages that critiqued modern architecture, Monogenis creates tension by placing elements of the perpetually in-progress urban landscape into a mildly psychedelic (and equally fabricated) “natural” landscape.
Image by Dean Monogenis
Monogenis places buildings that are under construction into fantastical renderings of the natural world. While a certain sense of environmental stewardship drives much opinion on reining in development and sprawl, Monogenis seems to primarily exercise control over the natural elements as he creates bizarre topiaries, while the partially constructed buildings seem to perhaps show the greatest potential for growth.
I Was a Landscape in Your Dream by Dean Monogenis
Of course, Monogenis ultimately possesses complete control over these dreamy grounds and unlikely chateaus, and he proves to be an excellent landscaper.
Image by Dean Monogenis
Momento Mori by Dean Monogenis

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