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This Week’s Past Life: “Like Amputees, We Wander Aimlessly and Nothing Sets Us Free”

yume bitsu This Week’s Past Life: “Like Amputees, We Wander Aimlessly and Nothing Sets Us Free”

Yume Bitsu: Yume Bitsu

1999, BaDaBing! Records

While my heart does enjoy a well-made pop song, I think it prefers the droney sounds of gorgeous noise. Most days, I’ll take the post-rock over the pop… yep, even on the sunny, cloudless days, too.

In college, my friend Bryan had a radio show called “Heroin and Headphones,” that showcased the bands that were the very best in the post-rock genre. It was there that I first heard Yume Bitsu; the exact song was “Truth,” and was off their second, and self-titled album. I know I tend to overuse the word “bliss” in regards to music I truly love, but is there no other word as perfect as “bliss” for such sound and the emotions it evokes? I think not.

I own all four of Yume Bitsu’s albums, and while their debut, Giant Surface Music Falling to Earth Like Jewels From the Sky definitely does rival their second album, Yume Bitsu, in pure intensity of chord progression and melodies, I think my allegiance will forever be in the hands of that second release. We can chalk it up to nostalgia, or perhaps the amount of times in my life I’ve had this one particular record on repeat… it doesn’t really matter. Simply, if you love Mogwai, Slint, Tortoise and Stars of the Lid, and have never listened to Yume Bitsu, it’s time to step up your game and get on that. Your ears really won’t know what love is until they hear “Team Yume” for the first time… and don’t worry, the bleeding goes away.

By: Amanda Chatel

“Team Yume,” from Yume Bitsu:

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