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The Feeling of Love-OK JUDGE REVIVAL

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The Feeling of Love may call France home, but their warm, jangly sound recalls more Velvet Underground than Daft Punk. Since 2005 the group’s feedback, strong guitars, and a smug tenor have time traveled the listener back to the heyday of 60’s garage rock and it continually feels good. Beyond the Dirt off of 2010’s OK JUDGE REVIVAL LP evokes a Patti Smith feel as the guitar reverb and jingly drums kick the song off and the drawn out vocals keep pace with the fuzz. Beyond the Dirt focuses more on the solid instrumentals that are foot tapping worthy. Young Jesus (also off of their LP) has more of a bluesy feel from the guitar and high-octane vocals that fit along perfectly with the more up-tempo drums creating a durable vintage-tinged sound. Currently The Feeling of Love is staying across the Atlantic, but perhaps they’ll bring their American sound over yonder sooner rather then later.

By: Stephanie Glass

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