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Sarah Jaffe: Suburban Nature

sarahjaffe1 Sarah Jaffe: Suburban Nature

Twenty-something Texan, Sarah Jaffe, released her debut full-length, Suburban Nature, on Kirtland Records in the spring of 2010.  This indie folk-pop follow-up to her 2008 self-released EP, Even Born Again, is an effortlessly intimate confession of her teenage years.  Listening to the album in full makes you feel as though you just snuck into her bedroom and read her diary from cover to cover or eavesdropped on a phone call between her and her best friend.  It’s that natural and endearing.

Her lyrics may be simple,  but they are honest and don’t lack substance.  Her vocals are sparse at times, but the accompanying string instrumentation fills out any potential emptiness.  Anyone can relate to these tracks as she touches on being in love, dealing with heartbreak, feeling regret, and struggling to find happiness within herself.  She subtly exposes so much by staying true to who she is and how she feels.

I can only imagine that her music will continue to grow as she does. I look forward to hearing whatever else she has up her sleeve.

Below is my favorite track “Clementine”:


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