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Medication’s LP This Town Is Hauntingly Real

 Medications LP This Town Is Hauntingly Real

Medication: Farewell Letter

Connecticut one-man based Medication released their full-length debut This Town almost a year ago, but the haunting and soulful lo-fi folk rock still resonates in the new year. The roughness and faded away sound of the recording create a deep intimate feel with the listener and matches beautifully with Medication’s intensely personal music. On Farewell Letter, a striking and powerful strum of the guitar accents the song’s low echoing vocals that makes the listener feel the desolation of hard living man’s broken heart. Even though the lyrics are nearly indistinguishable, the feral quality of the voice resonates with the primal aspects of the human heart, especially one that has been torn apart. The harder edge of Didn’t Wanna Know steps a bit back from the starkness felt on Farewell Letter with its faster guitar hook and clearer vocals. While the song still has a melancholy tinge, there is a feeling of enduring possibility after the sadness in its earnest repeating of “didn’t want to know” and fervent guitar strum. This Town is a must for anyone who has ever felt anything.

By: Stephanie Glass

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