Agent Side Grinder

agent side grinder Agent Side Grinder

This new wave of Proto Industrial Electronic groups popping up is creating a swelling exciting in my loins. now that im done with that, Agent side grinder is a Suicide Esque group tinged with joy divisions gloom. These tracks are soaked in the melancholy guitar hooks that made acts like echo & the bunnymen, kept up with a quick pop drum beat these songs makes them into infectious numbers. Unusually Enough i cannot help but have Tom Waits come to mind when i hear this mans vocals, the power and depth in his bellowing contrasts against spacey far out synth leads.

‘The Screams’ is a high adrenline ride with a driving bass line that really takes you home. be sure to catch this act if you ever get the chance, your sure to be in for a treat.

by alex auclair

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