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MUSIC: Nightsatan

nightsatan MUSIC: Nightsatan

If I were ever trapped in one of those cheesy/awesome 80’s action movies, where I’ve got to sneak into the bad guy’s chemical plant/computer silo under cover of night to recover the secret formula/stolen data and stop the evil terrorist plot/save the damsel in distress, I’d want Nightsatan to be playing in the background.

Don’t let the name fool you– this isn’t death metal, or thrash metal or anything like that– It’s just some dark-wave with a fantastic retro vibe. The music is sparse, but that just means fewer things to distract you from those beautiful analog synths.

And with an album title like Midnight Laser Warrior, you’ve got to be at least mildly interested by now, right?

Take a listen to “Karelian Starmaster” and plot your next action sequence.

-Justin Lorentz

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