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Mp3: kim ki o Get Concretely Dreamy

kim ki o


kim ki o: Vize

kim ki o, which means “who is that anyway” in their native Turkish are making a splash on the European scene (Sweden’s The Radio Dept. named their new album Dans one of their Top Ten of 2010). This makes sense since Europeans love to dance (stereotypes!) and kim ki o provide some exactly body moving tunes on Dans. The duo is comprised of Ekin Sanaç and Berna Göl who share vocal and synth responsibilities with Sanaç covers keys and Göl bass. The vocals fall more on the indistinct side as kim ki o use their vocals more as a layered sound then a lyrical vehicle. The mixing of instrumental beats with expressive singing create a strong ambient sound, not exactly dreamy due to the strong bass lines but the desire to sway with convection to their songs is most certainly there.

By: Stephanie Glass

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