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Day Dreaming about Palmkites

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I grew up in North Carolina. Coming to Philadelphia was clearly a radical adjustment. Yet probably the biggest thing I missed was all of the open nature: you could lay in a field, smoke a stig, and chill with friends without anyone for miles. Usually accompanied by some $5 boombox, we would play some random tape that one of us would have on us: some kind of classic, day dreaming band. Starring up at the sky, dissecting clouds into recognizable shapes, I imagine Palmkite playing quietly around me. New York’s own Palmkite, considering it’s short time, has an impeccable way of forging their own path with the help of 90′s legends. It floats with delicate intricacies layered into every riff. It feels laid back without being lazy. Palmkite has the unique ability to take so many classic formulas without coming off as a clone. Rather they forge their own sound to a combination of influences as diverse as Owen, American Football, or Radio Flyer. And if you didn’t know these guys before, you’re in luck. Within the past week, Palmkite has blessed us with a whole new set of songs on their latest EP, “The Sound of Snowfall”. Take “Outlaws With Style, In A Class All Their Own”, with its casual, conversational lyrics and reflective yet momentous sound, it has an act to slyly build up to its climax with little warning. There’s far more to be said for Sound of Snowfall despite to say that it would be well worth your time to check out their bandcamp, take a listen, and if it is something you enjoy, come on out to the Sierra MLK Day of Service Charity Show this Saturday (1/15) for music, art, and some happy go lucky environmentalists. It’s time to stare at the clouds again.


- Cliff Drake

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