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ART: Jesse Fillingham-Illustrations

jesse fillingham art ART: Jesse Fillingham Illustrations

For those of you dreaming of brightly colored mythical creatures rendered in watercolors, this is the Art work for you: enter the heavy hand of illustrator Jesse Fillingham. His illustrations are a mixture of realism and pure fantasy, with eye-popping colors and hairy line work. Characters rest on the page as fluid entities, in constant flux, demanding a narrative eye to bring them to life. On his website, Fillingham “loves burgers, mythology…and unicorns…” which is possibly the most accurate and honest artists statement I’ve ever read. In line with these admissions are the wondrously detailed sketchbook images that definitely deserve a look. Fillingham gives us a bold and imaginative world to escape into, complete with hunters, beasts and Mr T-esque figures.

jesse fillingham ART: Jesse Fillingham Illustrations

ART Jesse Fillingham harvest web ART: Jesse Fillingham Illustrations

ART Jesse Fillingham fun chase 02 blog 2048 565x565 ART: Jesse Fillingham Illustrations

-Marion Piper


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