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ART: Stone + Spear

stonespear art artcrank ART: Stone + Spear

Leave it to someone from England to be innovative in the world of art and design; bolding meshing it with music and the lively underground dance scene of London. Stone and Spear is the design brain child of Simon Cook, a thriving entrepreneur and creative mind. Cook has gained not only local favour for his club flyers and in-house artistic direction for clubs like Lost Boys’ Club and Your Mum’s House, he has also garnered international applause for his aesthetic in design publications. Cook’s dedication to his work is unfaltering, as he also has an exclusion Stone and Spear merchandise line he designs.

Cook’s designs are appealing because they bring together the flashy vibrancy of bold graphics coupled with striking photographic images. In one print for an ARTCRANK exhibition, Cook paired the modern, black and white image of a woman seemingly biking with the effervescent illustrations of a face that she appears to be riding. This is one such example of his unique vision. Many of his posters and designs follow this same theme but it is an effective one at that. Pairing together old images with contemporary design aesthetics make for a flashy piece of art and demonstrate a vision that looks forward, as well as into the hearts of the youth he targets.

stonespear art afternoahjpg ART: Stone + Spear

stonespear art clubposter ART: Stone + Spear

stonespear art repeatxy ART: Stone + Spear

By: Sarah MacDonald

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