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Students of Modern Day Mixing

Dirty Dave Students of Modern Day Mixing

There is always a certain amount of skepticism which must be given to new comers to any scene. Whether we are talking hip-hop, R&B, rock, emo, alternative, psychedelic…. the list goes on, the point being is that new artist deserve skepticism: after-all, how could we possibly expect them to improve without it? Yet recruiting dj’s for this upcoming Sierra MLK Day of Service Charity Show was surprisingly fun, diverse, and frankly, entertaining. As you may know, the Sierra MLK Day of Service Charity Show will be dj’ed through a combination of Dirty Dave, BP Disaster, and Andy Smalls (btw, only fair to say, some of these names I personally made up: figure a name is better than none at all). With this said, every single one of these dj’s are currently working hard to get their name noticed while, at the same time, taking full time classes in all that they love, such as music industry and even to the point of starting a personal business devoted to preforming at different clubs and nightclubs throughout the northeast. Dirty Dave, the founder of BassFace, has been taking every show under the sun to make his pressence known and doing a pretty damn good job of it. Mixing combinations of house-techno with clear dubstep influences, he brings the more futurist element to our show. Then comes BP Disaster, providing the polar opposite with his work at Sony records and his style which can be directly attributed to the infamous Stone Throw Records. Classic hip-hop overtones with a more modern, electronic appeal, BP Disaster does wonders with a deck and a childhood of 90′s hip hop. Finally, we have Andy Smalls, who has gone all over the map as far as music productions yet seems to find himself in the realm of experimental electronic. Think newer Animal Collective, with it’s echoing, haunting lyrics and sporadic, synth layerings. All and all, we could not be happier to have them join us to the Sierra MLK Day of Service Charity Show: should be one hell of an eceltic mix filled with the past, present, and future. Imagine the Christmas Story, but minus the creepy old dudes in chains and greed. God I love the modern art of mixing.


- Cliff Drake

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