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Rough Ridin’ w/ The Sierra MLK Day of Service Charity Show

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Have you ever watched one of those all day fundraisers on TV? Those ones where they get some aged, culturally insignificant celebrities to laugh and make plastic heart-felt, sentimental comments in order to raise a couple of bucks? It’s obnoxious and more importantly, its demeaning and gives charity events a bad name. Why the hell do charity events need to be so dry or, in contrast, so wildly insignificant? If you’re ready for a charity show with some balls, perhaps you should come out to the Sierra MLK Day of Service Charity Show, sponsored by yours truly, Sick of the Radio. Partnering with the Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service and the Drexel Sierra Club, we will be having an afternoon packed with live, local acts and dj’s. Hiking up from Baltimore, we’ve got R&R and Magic Missile, with their post-hardcore mathy sound and expert technique navigating the basement show experience. From our own neck of Philadelphia, we’ve got some fresh new faces to the scene who have already made their presence known including Bleeding Fractals, Ted Nguyent, and Everyone Everywhere. Finally, hailing from cold tundras of New York, the wonderfully melodic and sentimental Palmkite. To top it all off, we will also be having a couple of local dj’s giving a taste of their flow including Dirty Dave, BP Disaster, and Andy Smalls. The only thing that could make this better is some free give away. Say, did I say there would be a compilation of all the performing acts? Anyways if you’re trying to do something productive yet exhilarating, consider dropping by Danger Danger Galleries on Saturday, January 15th. Tickets are only $5 with additional donations gladly welcome. See what the Rough Riders can do for you.

Get all the details for the show HERE

- Cliff Drake

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