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The Magic of Magic Missile

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While I love Post-Hardcore, it does feel as though many bands that emerge today are simply trying to fill the role left behind by Texas’ At The Drive-In. Hell, even Mars Volta tries with, in my opinion, little success. Yet Magic Missile seems to have an act for being at the right place at the right time. Emerging from the grimy house shows in Baltimore, Magic Missile puts some heart in a genre all too often filled with senseless aggression. An odd example to prove the point, take a listen through “Expedition” and you may just see what I am talking about. It’s got its intensity, thats for sure, yet it goes beyond that to provide something poppy and, dare I say it, fun. It’s the kind of music where you may be elbowing neighbors in the diaphragm, yet somehow everyone seems to be smiling. There’s shouting and screaming, for sure, yet there is something juvenile and fun about it, rather then the usual assumption that it were aggressive or filled with malice. This is not to say the music is juvenile: believe me, it is far from that and the riffs these guys pull off are brilliant. Rather what I mean is that they seem to add curiosity into some of the more bleak moments of life: whether it’s work, friends, or an ex. Think Jawbox but with melodic overtones. I could go on and on despite to say that the real reason you should love these guys is their exceptional live shows. They rage and thrash across basements across the North East, including on Jan 15th at Danger Danger. Stop by and see what Magic Missile can do for you.

- Cliff Drake

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