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Wild Nothing “Gemini”

wild nothing pic Wild Nothing Gemini

Wild Nothing‘s Gemini was definitely one of my favesies of 2k10. I love pop songs, maybe even to a shameful degree. My taste isn’t very cool or Alt-thentic. I pretty much love the poppiest songs of every decade, and everything derivative of the poppiest songs of any decade; the 50s being one major exception. Wild Nothing, I think, make great pop songs. Another thing I love is when you can play a whole album by a band, or an entire catalogue, without ever changing a song. Where you never even have the nagging temptation to skip to the best songs on the album, because, really, everything is good. The band I have most known in my life to consistently make albums that I can listen to the whole way through is Starflyer 59 and Wild Nothing definitely has the same sort of appeal. They, or HE, I should say being Jack Tatum, definitely gets my gold seal of approval and if you missed out last year, it’s never too late for a listen.

Article by Rachel Noel

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