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PHOTOGRAPHY: Levan Kakabadze-Georgian Beach Lifestyle

Levan Kakabadze photo w PHOTOGRAPHY: Levan Kakabadze Georgian Beach Lifestyle

Levan Kakbadze is a photographer based in the Black Sea state of Georgia. His work is mostly composed of portraiture.  While I’ve generally found it difficult to find portraits terribly interesting when presented without any context, it does lend the viewer a certain ability to create their own story. Amongst the portraits of the backs of people’s heads, children and parkour enthusiasts, however, are truly wonderful images. View his Website here.

Levan Kakabadze photo PHOTOGRAPHY: Levan Kakabadze Georgian Beach Lifestyle

levanyelow PHOTOGRAPHY: Levan Kakabadze Georgian Beach Lifestyle

Photo by Levan Kakabadze

His blog, features more images, many of them haunting tableaus of post-tourist season resort beaches. His photos of abandoned items on the shore of the black sea seem to be decidedly more photojournalistic than the contents of his Website. Sometimes the forgotten places are the most interesting and ability of the photographer to simply notice what you wouldn’t have is the most impressive.

By the Black Sea. Photo by Levan kakabadze

Palm trees and their shadows. Photo by Levan Kakabadze

Backstroke. Photo by Levan Kakabadze

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