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Chris Pell’s Neo-Pagan Mythmaking

chrils pell art  Chris Pells Neo Pagan Mythmaking
Even in this modern age of digital telepaths and twitter-mages, the mystical permeates many aspects of our everyday lives. In many ways the distant past can be just as mysterious and fantastic as our own cataclysmic future. Many of us threw out our brooms when the Roomba was unveiled, only to find that an intensive cleaning regimen of sage-smudging and chanting was all that could remove the stains of bad vibes from our tapestry-covered walls and bongwater-soaked carpets.

chris pell art 21 Chris Pells Neo Pagan Mythmaking

Brighton-based illustrator/Photographer, Chris Pell, taps into this fascination with a magical and fictional past. His illustrations hearken back to the grand olden days of fake stoner mysticism. He places characters that would at home on Tarot cards into a pre-Christian (or perhaps post-religious) fantasy-scape where they engage in bizarre rituals with monsters, hermaphrodites and shamans.
chrils pell art ww3 Chris Pells Neo Pagan Mythmaking
Amongst his work number commissioned illustrations for musicians and magazines, as well as the multimedia Story of Hoku’Vale, and body paint. You can view his Website here.
pagan Chris Pells Neo Pagan Mythmaking

pagan 2 Chris Pells Neo Pagan Mythmaking
Words by Jake Watters

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