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CloudlandCANYON mp3

cloudlandcanyon pic CloudlandCANYON mp3


At first, I kind of….when I first heard this band I was like, “MEH.” Really. I couldn’t think of anything else to describe them, but then I listened to them some more, and they kind of started to creep me out, which is actually a REALLY good thing. The first song on their myspace page is called  ”Hope Sounds Dry” and please listen to me when I tell you that is not a good representation of what they sound like, but in a weird way, I’m sort of glad it’s the first song, because you listen to it and you’re like…oh…I see….okay…w.e. but then you listen to the next song and you’re like WHOA, you totally tricked me, this doesn’t sound anything like I expected! I can’t explain it really. It kind of makes me laugh thinking out it. The best thing I can think of to say, is that I used to listen to Boards of Canada a lot, and I was listening to Music Has The Right to Children at night once, and I got really scared. I had to turn it off and I never listened to them at night again. I’m listening to CloudlandCANYON right now and it’s night time, and it’s making me feel like I want to sleep with the light on. It’s kind of like the musical equivalent of watching Black Swan.

By: Rachel Noel

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