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DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

rocknecklace1 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

This illustrator, Designer, and creative director has a resume to be envious of: is there nothing Jonathan Zawada CAN’T do? Probably walk on the moon, but I bet he could design the t-shirt.

Based in Sydney with a laundry list of cool clients a mile long, Zawada is an all-round creative type with an impressive track record. His designs have appeared on skateboards, wine bottles, t-shirts, records and album covers. What makes his work truly stand out is its affinity with popular culture and fashion, the synergies between creative media are matched and meshed like jigsaw pieces. Extremely interested in typography, the identity design for creative agency Don’t forget to Smile is an excellent example of his quirky style. Raw yet polished, his illustrations are a blend of street art and packaging, each concept neatly wrapped in a snug design that is easily recognizable as his.

My favorite design is Love Want for its infusion of desire and love, consumption and clever branding – I don’t know about you, but I want a copy of that magazine.

Text by Marion Piper.

trustfun137740 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada glory holes DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

tall cluster 487x650 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

jonathanzawada hf6 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

rocks and fractals 1 556x650 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada love want DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

zawada 03 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada presets cover 890x890 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada trut fun scarf 2 DESIGN: Jonathan Zawada

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