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MUSIC: TELEAVIA “Melting Memory” Mp3

teleavia music MUSIC: TELEAVIA Melting Memory Mp3

Teleavia-Melting Memory(excerpt)

OMG I just learned something: The “Teleavia” was a French-designed television featuring a swiveling black and white picture tube that hit the market in 1957 and, strangely, looks both rad-futuristic and Jurassic at the same time. As it happens, this is a good way to describe the dark, dreamy tapedeck jams of Honolulu-based Teleavia, who as far as I can tell (from just three Myspace tracks, a handful of followers, and a self-proclaimed interest in “lush vintage bass”) is interested in further blurring the line between analog & digital, futuristic and Jurassic. If you’re into ambient VHS-flavored tape music with a healthy dose of sexy, you should give this little DIY selection a shot.

Teleavia myspace

Article by Kelly Schirmann

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