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Julian Lynch

JULIAN LYNCH (The Heavy Hitter of Sprawling Tapedeck Masterpieces)

Julian Lynch makes the kind of music that is difficult to describe in language, but that could best be summed up in images or moods: Super-8 footage of a firecracker exploding in slow motion, an old picture of your childhood home, careful nostalgia, self-conscious bliss, a lake. Peppered with bits of psychedelia, lo-fi cassette pop, and experimental folk, Lynch has created consistently beautiful and meandering work purposefully lacking in definition but generating nonetheless a very tangible thesis. Last year’s ‘Mare’ (Olde English Spelling Bee) is a slow gorgeous journey through a sunlit forest of Things You Haven’t Felt In A While, a collection of songs that seem to float and wander and calmly befriend you, an Astral Weeks-esque mysticism and wholeness surrounding their existence. It’s one of my favorite albums of 2010 by far, and along with his other EPs (featuring friends like Ducktails) can be heard for free over at his Bandcamp site here.

Interview with Julian Lynch:

Article by: Kelly Schirmann

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