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R&R; Rages On

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The last time I went down to Baltimore, unfortunately due to my schedule, was for the “Philly Invades Baltimore” show back towards this past spring. It was remarkable yet more importantly, it made me appreciate how much our two cities had in common. I simply by nature, at this point, feel as though Baltimore bands are part of the Philadelphia scene: I feel this way far more than I do for New York, for example. So when I state that R & R will be joining us for the Sierra MLK Charity Show, I could not be happier. With a sound reminiscent of Midwestern classics Ghosts & Vodka and influences of older Dischord productions, they bring an odd fusion with a heavy, distorted backbone but at the same time, provide highly melodic layers into the work. So what does this mean? It means that they are able to have some heart in their songs without coming off as some whiney white kids. It may sound stupid but to me, that’s a huge feat in itself. Beyond that though, they simply make you feel great. Excited and cheerful with a heavy bass line, “Expedition manages to sprint into sliding hooks yet keeps itself grounded with a brute kind of force. It’s something happy without being unrealistic, something angry yet calculated. Anyways all in all it’s definitely worth at least an hour to hear these guys live. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even have a couple of beers, but you will most definitely be glad you saw them.


- Cliff Drake

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