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A Classically New Everyone, Everywhere

everyone A Classically New Everyone, Everywhere

It’s light hearted without being childish. Bouncing delight with the occasional heaviness thrown in, Everyone Everywhere brings a mixture of Afghan Whigs and Christie Front Drive into the Philadelphia local music scene. It’s certainly got it’s post-rock influences, but with plenty of other influences including American Football and Owls. Elegant without coming off as pretentious, “Raw Bar” starts with a playful rumbling before transcending into a beautiful sliding bass line, reminiscent of Maps & Atlases, followed by a quick return to business as usual. You encounter the actual lyrics only till the song is just about half way through, a voice bringing back 90’s emo but with their own spin. Dramatic but overall leaving a smile on your face, Everyone Everywhere does a far better job of keeping people reflective without being depressed than others, such as Afghan Whigs, to be specific. This is not to disrespect Afghan Whigs, in fact, they are a long time favorite. Rather what I like about Everyone Everywhere is that they are able to take this post-modern outlook on life and relations and take the truly existential message: that it is something that can simply be improved through the “force of freedom”. I should stop now before I get way over my head despite to say that you should look up Everyone Everywhere and, if you have the time for existential philosophy, Sartre, and you may just know what I am trying to describe.

Blown Up Grown Up by beartrappr


-Cliff Drake

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