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Mp3: Hussies’ Debut Album Grey Headed Ghosts

hussies' album cover

New Zealand is churning out the indie pop makers like it’s the 1980s all over again. 2010 has seen a bevy of New Zealand bands making an imprint on the American indie scene from light-hearted beach infused rockers Surf City to ambient electronic duo Wet Wings. Looks like 2011 will continue the trend with the November release of Grey Headed Ghosts by Auckland pop rockers Hussies. Hussies are comprised of Casey Latimer and Jackson Hobbs with some help from Sam Bradford of Sharpie Crows and Rifles Thomas Brown.

According to their bandcamp profile, Grey Headed Ghosts was “recorded during a month-long binge on prescription meds, Stone Roses records, and three dollar wine from the ‘milk bar’”. There is defiantly a hazy drugged feeling on the album’s tracks from the faded vocals and glide of the electric guitar. Miss Anthropy starts the album off with a mid tempo beat and slightly reverbed tenor. The lyrics fall more on the side of free association and fade into some nice “oohing” at the song’s end. Defiantly a song worthy of a good head nod back and forth.

The albums’ title track has more of a psychedelic feel with the opening swirl of the guitar and slightly nonsensical lyrics. A smartly crisp drum accompanied by a strong bass line picks the song up alongside the catchy chorus of “grey headed ghosts”. The song proves to be one of the strongest of the album’s ten tracks. Grey Headed Ghosts closes out with a fast and tropically tinged number Wrongo in the Congo, which the Hussies describe as a “funk workout”.  The song undoubtedly has a wild element to it from the building of the guitars to the added jungle sounds. It gives the listener a glimpse into the more experimental side of the group.

It doesn’t look like the Hussies have any immediate plans to tour, but if you’re a fan of early 90’s alt-rock with a psychedelic twist Grey Headed Ghosts will make a fine addition to your music collection.

By: Stephanie Glass

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