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RETRO: Snowy Red-RIP Mickey Mike

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I like when you find groups from the early 80s that fit nicely under the big umbrella of Joy Division as far as creepy dark post-punk, but then they have that little something extra that makes you think they’ve been to their fair share of clubs and are trying to creep you out but get you to dance at the same time. The late Micky Mike’s one-man Snowy Red does just that via minimalist synth and pop-song construction, making you think he could have taken a lot of credit for The Knife as well. “Madman” features a throbbing machine gun of a bassline and the raw vocals of lunatic-esque Mike. It’s the soundtrack to Jack Nicholson’s mental breakdown in the Shining, featuring more drugs and paranoia. So. Good.

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Article by: Kelly Schirmann

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