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Feed Me Feeds Us – Feed Me’s Big Adventure

feedme Feed Me Feeds Us   Feed Mes Big Adventure

Feed Me – Silicone Lube (Teaser)

After having several successful singles and remixes, UKs Jon Gooch (with a name like that why doesn’t he use it?) has released his debut album Feed Me’s Big Adventurejust in time for kids to find under their tree on December 25th. Feed Me is a new project from Gooch who is also a Drum n Bass DJ. The recipe for his Feed Me series is pretty consistent, it’s electro house driven with a dash of sterioded disco and a pinch of crunch, no cherry on top and sometimes sprinkled with a bit of dub step.  His debut album finds itself on heavy hitter Joel Zimmerman aka DeadMau5′s Mau5trap label if that’s any indication of his skills.  We hope to catch up with him soon to find out what we can expect from him in 2011 and throw the dreaded, “what are your New Years resolutions” question his way.  Stay tuned for more Feed Me soon.

by Haven Hart

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